Boutique d'arte e libri
In the heart of Florence, facing the "Croce al Trebbio", nestled between Piazza Santa Maria Novella and Via Tornabuoni, lies Babele, an unusual Art and Book boutique. Opened in 1978 as the bookshop of the publisher Franco Maria Ricci, since 1991 it has been managed by Laura Accordi Gattai. With time, the little shop has acquired the stature of a veritable tower of initiatives, enclosing various genres of artistic excellence, from the sophisticated FMR publications to art books signed by the author, micropublishing, objects d'art and cards, graphics, canvases, small sculptures, sketches, brilliant drawings by illustrators and communications artists and still more, discovered and presented for the pleasure of the curious connoisseur, designed to provide unique and uncommon experiences. All the objects are displayed in the small but perfectly arranged space of the boutique, in what appears to be casual disarray, like precious heirlooms with intimate stories to tell, the very antithesis of the museum-like stillness of many modern art galleries. Here, emotions are the thing, a special world with an almost magical atmosphere, far from the daily hubbub. Good music, perhaps a few words with an artist or author who has just dropped by, surrounded by "so many things one doesn't know where to look": a happy, pressure-free shopping experience. Here, people don't buy to satisfy a need, but to make their wishes come true.

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